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Facebook Automation – The Good and The Bad

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Facebook is one of the most used and talked about social media platforms in the world. Its sheer number of users makes it the best in the business. But you already know that. You are here for automation.

We will get there! First, let’s talk about engagement.

Everyone, whether it is an individual or a company wants the same thing with a social media platform, and that is engagement. 

How many people became my friends, how many people liked my post, how many people shared the content that I posted. It is all about that.

The more users you got on your profile engaging in your content, the more popular you are on social media. And that’s how most marketers make money, not to forget the social media influencers.

But, how does one get this engagement?

You can get more engagement by posting regularly on Facebook or taking the help of a social media automation tool. Both are equally effective; the only difference is time. Going solo will take more time as compared to taking the help of a tool.

Facebook Automation

There is nothing wrong, taking the help of an automation tool. Many of the major companies and websites take their help to get more out of their social media campaign. You can implement this too.


For starters, you can choose the software which you want to use for this. There are countless automation software available on the internet; some of which are listed below:

  • Agorapulse
  • Socinator
  • Hootsuite
  • Kicksta
  • Buffer
  • Crowdfire
  • CoSchedule
  • Socialert
  • Buzzsumo
  • Scoop.it

You can pick one from there according to your requirement and start your automation process. 

With the help of an automation tool, you can automate everything on your Facebook profile. And when I say everything, I mean it. You don’t have to look every time something happens on your profile. They will take care of everything for you. Some of the common  automation features that you can get in most of the tools are listed below:

  •  Auto Accept/Cancel Friend Requests 

With the help of this, you can automate the accept/cancel friend requests process. You don’t have to do anything just, set the preferences and automate it.

  •  Auto Engage With Likes and Comments

This feature lets you automate the engagement part at your end by auto liking and auto commenting on people’s posts that you follow. It is an amazing feature for someone who is busy with their business and doesn’t have much time to browse social media feed.

  •  Auto Post/Share Content In Your Groups

Lagging behind in the group or have a group but can’t get enough engagement on your profiles. Then, this feature is perfect for you. It helps you by automatically sharing the posts with your targeted audiences or in groups.

  •  Auto Reply To New Messages

If you don’t have time to reply to your messages, don’t worry.

This automation feature will reply to your Facebook messages, as soon as you get them with the customization. So, that they don’t think a bot is on the other end.

  • Auto Scheduling

Using this you can automate almost everything you do on your Facebook profile to save your valuable time. With this, you can schedule your posts, comments, likes, etc. It is an amazing feature that’ll help you get a balance on your work and personal life.

The Good – 

Now, that we know what software can do for you, let’s talk about its goodness.

As you can see from above, there are many benefits to using a Facebook automation tool. If you have a small marketing team and struggles to find more engagement, then this works out perfectly for you. 

Moreover, having a good engagement on your profile makes the brand seems legit as other users see that you are active.

Plus, it helps you auto-schedule the new content posting work. So that you don’t have to wait for the time; when your audience is online or when the engagement on your profile/group is on its peak. You can schedule the post in advance, and let the tool do its work.

There you have it automation tool is good for your business if you can utilize it 100%. All the features are there to minimize your work and to get you more engagement.

The Bad – 

Automation process or tool may be secure, but an AI will be an AI. It’ll still lack that human touch which is very necessary to engage organic traffic. People connect more to an account if they find some connection to it.

Another thing is the automatic followers. You may think that having more numbers mean more engagement on your profile, but you are wrong. If your followers are less than the people you follow, then people will know that engagement that you have is not organic. Thus, it is better to have 1000 followers and 100 following counts than the other way around.

Previously, I talked about scheduling your posts, that has some problems too. Scheduling your posts will make the tool to add a post on that day, and time without you confirming. So, if you fail to add a caption according to you, it’ll post the content as it is, which will be bad for your profile.

Same goes with auto comments. When someone tags you on a content, the tool will automatically post a comment, without you asking, and the most common reply by it is ‘Thank You’. That may be okay for one or two times, but if they happen too frequently, people will think you are a spam bot and unfollow you.

These are chinks in the automation tool’s armours.


A Facebook automation tool is a reality, and at some point, you are bound to use it. Thus, if you use it properly, you will have the best engagement on your Facebook profile/page. Try to eliminate the bad things that it has, as much possible and provide that human touch that everyone longs.

Alright, that’s enough from me. If I have missed anything under any point, feel free to mention it in the comments below.

Sumit Ghosh

Sumit Ghosh

Renowned performance marketer, user acquisition expert, and a product fanatic from Bangalore. He is a prominent speaker in masterminds and events in the performance marketing space. Sumit is the Founder of Socioboard, which owns products like PowerAdSpy, Socinator, Gramboard, DominatorHouse, and mobile apps in social media automation space which have millions of users.

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